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Sewage Disposal Tanker SHACMAN
20,000Litres Vacuum Tanker
Sewage Disposal Tanker SHACMAN

Liquid waste disposal tanker (also called vacuum tanker for liquid waste, vacuum suction tanker, liquid waste collection truck, septic tank cleaning, cesspool emptier, cesspit disposal tanker, waste vacuum tanker, scavenger truck etc.) is used to collect, transport and discharge liquid such as waste water, waste oil, sludge, septic, and solid stuff such as small stones, bricks as well. It is suitable for cleaning the sewer, cesspit, cesspool, gully, etc. It is widely used in environment and sanitation field. 

SPV sewage vacuum cleaners are available in several standard size with tank capacity of 4,000L (1060gals), 6,000L (1600gals), 8,000L(gals), 10,000L (2100gals), 12,000L (3200gals), 14,000L (3700gals), 16,000L (4200gals), 18,000L (4800gals), 20,000Litres(5300gallons).......  


---- Sewage tanker mounted on SHACMAN rigid chassis, perfect performance. 
---- Weichai diesel engine, super powerful, reliable performance.
---- Sewage tanker can be lifted hydraulically to 40-45 degree.
---- Pump can be operated by a hydraulic motor or by an auxiliary engine.
---- Nice shape, rational structure, durable and long service life. 

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Liquid Waste Disposal Tanker Shacman (20,000 litres)
General Vehicle Brand SPV
Chassis Brand Shacman
Overall Dimension 10400 x 2500 x 3550 mm 
GVW / Kerb Weight 31,000 kg / 15,500 kg
Cab Cab Capacity 3 persons allowed
Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Equipped
Engine Fuel Type Diesel 
Engine Brand Cummins or Weichai
Power 336 Ps (247 KW)
Displacement 9726 ml
Emission Standard EuroⅢor Euro Ⅳ
Chassis Drive Type 8X4, left hand drive
Transmission 12 forward, 2 reverse
Wheelbase/No. of axle 1800+3975+1400 mm / 4
Tyre Specification 11.00-20 18PR,11.00R20 18PR
Tyre Number 12 tyres and 1 spare tyre
Max Speed 80 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure Tank Capacity 20,000 Litres (Approx. 5,300 gallons)
Tank Material High quality carbon steel  
Hydraulic system Hyva or China top brand
Inner baffles for prevention of longitudinal surge during moving.
Optional ** Tank material could be carbon steel, stainless steel……
Photo 1: Front view of 20,000Litres liquid waste disposal tanker trucks

Photo 2: Rear view of 20,000Litres liquid waste disposal tanker trucks 

Photo 3: Sewage tankers can be lifted hydraulically to 40-45 degree  

Photo 4: 3units of liquid waste disposal tankers parted tidily for delivery 
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