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From:  Burundi
Client: hello
I want to buy Sewage vacum truck......
SPV:  Dear friend, we will get back to you asap.

From:  Belgium
Client: Cost of LPG truck...... 2023-02-08
SPV:  Hi, Isiaka, your inquiry is well received, will quote to you soon.

From:  Bangladesh
Client: we have some invitation/inquiry to participate in Tender for the followings: 1. Boom Truck 2. Truck Mounted Fuel Tanker 3. Forklift we are interested to work with you. we will act as a bidder, so all expens......... 2022-06-29
SPV:  Dear Habib, good day. We will contact with you asap.

From:  Afghanistan
Client: Looking For a Bowser Water  Truck...... 2021-04-15
SPV:  Dear Sir or Madam, good day. Thanks for your interest in our water truck. Our sales will contact with you shortly.

From:  Ghana
Client: i wnat the price for 2cubic refuse dumb van...... 2021-03-15
SPV:  Hi, Eric, good day. Thanks for your inquiry of our refuse garbage truck. We will get back to you soon.

From:  Jamaica
Client: I'm looking for a 2000 gallon isuzu water truck right hand drive. To be shipped to Jamaica....... 2020-05-10
SPV:  Hi, Walden, good day. Thanks for your inquiry of our water truck, we will get back to you soon.

From:  Uzbekistan
Client: Greetings from Tashkent, Uzbekistan! To whom it may concern, I am interested in mini fuel bowser 1500-3000 litres. Could you please provide detailed information about the vehicle as well as quotation. Thank......... 2020-03-04
SPV:  Good day. Husan, thanks for your inquiry of our fuel bower. We just sent email to your mailbox, kindly check.

From:  Malaysia
Client: I’m looking for Isuzu 3000 litres water and 3000litres sewage tanker with automated jeering /pump system,
Kindly email me for us to send the specification......
SPV:  Dear clients from Malaysia, thanks for your interest for our water truck and vacuum truck, we are contacting with you now. Please check your email and get back to us. Thank you~~

From:  Philippines
Client: I'm looking for a fuel tanker truck with 4,000 liters capacity.
Do you have  branch in the Philippines?......
SPV:  Hi, friend from Philippines, we are good at fuel tanker truck. Our worker will send our quotation sheet soon. Have a nice day.

From:  Ghana
Client: Please how will cost to purchase a septic tank emptier truck to Ghana...... 2019-05-16
SPV:  Good morning, friend from Ghana, Thanks for your kindly interest in our septic tank truck. Our worker will call you soon, have a nice day.
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