【Jan. 2024】To Brunei - Repeat Order of Vacuum Jetting Tanker(13,500 litres)
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【Jan. 2024】To Brunei - Repeat Order of Vacuum Jetting Tanker(13,500 litres)

SPV focuses on manufacturing special vehicles for more than 15 years. We are good at manufacturing whole trucks and providing superstructure SKD or CKD for clients who have chassis and workshop.

In Jan, 2024, SPV is dispacthing 13,500 litres vacuum jetting tank body to Brunei. This is the second order of vacuum jetting tanker body from our Brunei client.

For this vacuum jetting tank SKD, it has 2,500 litres water tank for high pressure jetting and 11,000 litres sewage tanker for collecting sewer. We adopt imported Germany high pressure pump PINFL and imported Italy vacuum pump BPP.

As client's Mitsubishi FUSO chassis only has one set PTO to drive vacuum pump, we add auxiliary engine to drive high pressure pump in front of tank.

Such superstructure SKD needs more professional skill, we need to design the tanker according to chassis drawing that clients provide.


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