【May. 2024】】To Africa - 4 Units of Fire Truck IVECO(HONGYAN) |
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【May. 2024】To Africa - Repeat Order of 4 Units Fire Truck IVECO

SPV had got an repeat order for 11 units fire fighting trucks from Africa in Feb, 2024. We have dispatched 13 units of 10,000 liters dry-powder and water fire trucks to this client in 2021. This time , we have shipped 4 units of fire fighting trucks first from Lianyungang Port on May 20, 2024. And it indicates we SPV, as a supplier have reliability and trustworthiness satisfaction with previous deliveries in terms of quality, performance, and service.

The arrival of these fire rescue trucks has the potential to significantly enhance emergency response capabilities in the communities where they will be deployed. This can lead to improved safety and security for residents and businesses.


First batch to Africa - 
4 Units Fire Trucks Loading at Port

First batch to Africa - 4 Units Fire Fighting Trucks Loading at Port


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