Find Trusted Road Wrecker Manufacturer| 1 Unit Crane Wrecker Sinotruk Shipped to Congo in June,2023
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【Jun.2023】To Congo - Road Wrecker With Crane Sinotruk
【June.2023】To Congo -1 Unit Road Wrecker With Crane Sinotruk

Road wrecker (also called a tow truck, a wrecker, breakdown truck, recovery vehicle, or breakdown truck) is a type of truck used on motor vehicles that have been moved, improperly parked, impounded, or otherwise mishandled.
Last week, we shipped 1 wrecker from Shanghai Port to Congo. This Customer have imported more than 10 special purpose vehicles from us in recent years. Including fire fighting trucks, wreckers, water spray tankers, etc. The client and SPV have had business dealings for many years and we conduct business on the basis of fairness, trust and goodwill. We support on-site training for all customers and provide excellent after-sales service. We believe your wise choice will get good quality, competitive price and considerate service. Some pictures of this wrecker as below:
Road Wrecker with crane Sinotruk Ready shipping to Shanghai Port-Right Side
(Prepare to transport the wrecker to Shanghai port )

Road Wrecker with crane Sinotruk -Top Side
(Road Wrecker with Crane Sinotruk -Top Side)

Road Wrecker with crane Sinotruk -Left Front Side
(Road Wrecker with crane Sinotruk -Left Front Side)

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