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From:  Malawi
Client: how much is a 10 ton truck without a crane. May you prease send me their pictures if possible....... 2017-05-15
SPV:  Hi, friend from Malawi, thanks for your inquiry of our cargo truck. We just shipped 6 units of IVECO trucks to Malawi successfully. I think we may be good partner soon.

From:  Philippines
Client: I would like to know the prices of 20000litres water tanker and where it was made. Your prompt response is highly appreciated.thank you...... 2017-05-09
SPV:  Dear Celille, as we are a well-known Chinese manufacturer in special vehicle field. so trucks are made in China. We will send our quotation sheet to your email box apap. Kindly check and advise.

From:  Algeria
Client: We are looking for a Mud (Oil Based Mud = drilling fluids) vaccum truck, with capacity of 20m3 . If you have it ,please a quotation.
Thanks and Regards.......
SPV:  Dear Mohamed, yes, we have sewage vacuum truck. We will send our catalogue and quotation sheet to you asap. Kindly check your email box half an hour later~ Have a nice day.

From:  Saint Lucia
Client: Dear Me.Chene, I live on Canouan Island, in St.Vincent & the Grenadines, Caribbean. I clean the islands garbage for a living but now my truck is broken. Being a 1990 model, the truck has been given a numbe......... 2017-04-22
SPV:  Dear Miller, we could not sponsor truck to you. But I will recommend our garbage compactor truck with cheapest price to you. Hope it could match your budget.

From:  Panama
Client: WATER TANK SEMI TRAILER I M ITERESTING , PRICE  i guant to quote this equipment for panama canal, estimate time for arrival
and freigth rate......
SPV:  Dear Hector, good day. Thanks for your kindly interest in our products. We are dealing with your requirement now. Kindly check your email box and advise whether you get our email. Thanks.

From:  Nigeria
Client: Kindly give the price of 10,000 liters water tanker truck Automatic Transmission. Thank you....... 2017-01-26
SPV:  Hi, Idayat, how are you? We are very glad to get your message for water tank truck. We will get back to you soon. Have a nice day~

From:  Nigeria
Client: Hello Sir, We are a certified and an accredited vendor to Seplat Petroleum Development Plc, here in Nigeria we have been offer a contract to service and maintain their fire truck for a period of one year, and......... 2017-01-06
SPV:  Good day, Peter. Thanks for your kindly interest in our fire truck. We have the products that you want. We will contact you asap.

From:  Saudi Arabia
Client: We need a quotation for a vacuum truck with a capacity of 8000 to 16000 gallons. Our location is here in Saudi Arabia. we are looking for quality and affordable price....... 2016-11-29
SPV:  Good day, Gregorio, thanks for your message, we are good at manufacturing vacuum tank truck, we will send our quotation sheet to your email today~

From:  Malawi
Client: May i know the cost of sewage Tanker Hino 8L to C&F to Dar-Es-Salaam and it should be used ones...... 2016-10-23
SPV:  Dear friend, thanks for your kindly interest in our products. We will get back to you asap.

From:  Zambia
Client: Hello, am interested in buying a 4x4 water bowser of capacity 10,000 liters. kindly sed us a quote
SPV:  Hi, Stanley, we are very glad to get your message. For your kindly request for water bowser, we will reply you asap.
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