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From:  Djibouti
Client: Hi i am looking to purchase a 5000 gallon fuel truck and my business is located in Djibouti, Djbouti. however i would really appreciate if i can get a quote for a band new fuel truck capacity for 5000 gallons.......... 2017-10-02
SPV:  Hi, Abdul, how are you? Thanks for your message, we are very glad to get your inquiry of our fuel tank truck, we have shipped many trucks to Djibouti, I believe our abundant experience will gain your satisficat...

From:  Zambia
Client: Please send me the price list for your fuel tankers...... 2017-09-26
SPV:  Dear friend from Zambia, thanks for your kindly interest in our products. We have sent emails to you, could you check and advise?

From:  Peru
Client: hi there
i would like to get quote on fuel transfer pump
50 glm at the seed of 500 rpm
it will be installed on hino dutro 300 2010
any questions please email me
SPV:  Dear client, thanks for your message left on our website. We are good at manufacturing fuel truck. Our overseas department have taken care of your requirements now, kindly keep your phone on, we will contact yo...

From:  Sri Lanka
Client: i need 6000L fuel truck.and what the price of truk...... 2017-08-17
SPV:  Dear Sir, we are good at manufacturing fuel truck. Thanks for your interest, we will send email to you ASAP. Keep in touch~

From:  Comoros
Client: Dear sir, i am looking for a garbage compactor truck 12m^3, and water truck (10to 13m^3) both with the same spec as the north benz meaning 4X4 if possible. i would like a quotation as soon possible...... 2017-08-15
SPV:  Hi, friend from Sri Lanka, we are very glad to have your inquiry of our compactor garbage truck. We just send email to you. Kindly check and advise, thank you.

From:  Bolivia
Client: Dear SPV We would be grateful if you send us information of a vacuum truck, we would require with a volumetric capacity of 35000Lts. Furthermore, we would prefeer an ISUZU truck with sufficient capacity for ......... 2017-08-15
SPV:  Hi, Zegers, good day. Welcome to our website. Thanks for your kindly interest in our product - Vacuum Truck. As for your inquiry, we will contact you right now.

From:  Solomon Islands
Client: Dear Sir/Madam, We looking for a Garbage Compactor (Rubbish Truck Collection) and was wondering if you will be able to assist? Prefer the ISUZU/MITSHUBISHI/TOYOTA MODELS. Capacity of 12m3. I will send the s......... 2017-06-01
SPV:  Good day, Rocky, how are you? Thanks for your kindly interest in our products, as for your inquiry, we are arranging someone to take charge of this now. Kindly check your email~~

From:  Guinea
Client: Please send me cotation for 35.000 liters and 40.000 liters of a fuel truck....... 2017-05-18
SPV:  Hi, Amadou, 35,000 litres tank needs to be 8X4 truck type. And 40,000 litres tank needs to be semi-trailer type. We will send pictures for your reference soon. Kindly check your email and advise~~

From:  Bangladesh
Client: I am looking for 10,000 liter water truck. Can you provide me the manufacturer origin of chassis, engine, fuel system etc. also please confirm if you are interested in CKD (completely knocked down) type sale....... 2017-05-17
SPV:  Dear Sinthia, nice name. We got your kindly inquiry of our water truck. Our collegue who take care of this will response you soon. Have a nice day.

From:  Malawi
Client: how much is a 10 ton truck without a crane. May you prease send me their pictures if possible....... 2017-05-15
SPV:  Hi, friend from Malawi, thanks for your inquiry of our cargo truck. We just shipped 6 units of IVECO trucks to Malawi successfully. I think we may be good partner soon.
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