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Thanks for your interest in our products. Hereby, we would like to provide some information as below for your easier selection on our goods.
We are a leading special vehicle manufacturer in China, having more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing, exporting these special purpose vehicles worldwide. We know well about regulations and preferences for many countries.
1. Chassis brand availability:

*** ISUZU is a famous Japanese brand. ISUZU Japan manufactures right hand drive in Japan. ISUZU China is a joint venture between ISUZU Japan and China, manufacturing left hand drive chassis in China. The ISUZU chassis we are manufacturing special vehicles with mostly are made by ISUZU China. These chassis are manufactured by following exact ISUZU drawings from Japan, sharing same manufacturing techniques, under strict quality control and monitor. They carry exact same logo ISUZU, use universal parts (exchangeable with ISUZU Japan). The quality and performance is as excellent as Japanese origin.
*** IVECO is a world famous brand from European. FIAT IVECO Italy has built a joint venture with one of the oldest heavy duty vehicle manufacturers (Hongyan) in China. They manufacture a IVECO series of truck called GENLYON (means outstanding lions).  It inherits from European IVECO on both internal and exterior; it is manufactured by following exact European IVECO’s drawings, using universal parts and under their strict monitoring and inspection standard. The most important, it carries superior powerful heart – the world first class IVECO cursor engine with power 310hp, 340hp, 380hp, 420hp available. It shares same trend as Europe.
For all series of vehicles, we recommend ISUZU chassis. For heavy-duty vehicles, IVECO will be another brilliant selection.
2. Engine emission standard
We have Euro II, III engines for some undeveloped countries to suit their request of cheap, powerful, rewarding.
Euro IV is current engine emission standard in China. It is more environmental friendly. So, there are much wider selection ranges for Euro IV.
We also have Euro V engine for some developed countries.
3. Engine brand availability

Here we only listed most famous engines:
Cummins (American brand), ISUZU, HINO, NISSAN (Japanese brand), IVECO (European brand), Sinotruk (China brand). We have more options
4. Main special function components
For a special vehicle, key components are critical to its performance, stability, durability. We have many key components of international brand, such as.  
● Water tank truck --- water pump of HONDA…….
Fuel tank truck --- Dixon Europe, EMCO Wheaton, OPW Civacon of America, Tuthill Fillrite of America…..
Vacuum truck --- vacuum pump of Italy……
Sewage jetting truck --- high pressure plunger of Italy…….
Fire truck ­­­--- fire pump of America……
Dump truck --- Hyva hydraulic cylinders……
We always use best key components on our vehicles to facilitate the best functions, extend the service life, reduce the possibility of repair.
5. Logistics / Shipping
For far away countries, we always use sea transport. According to vehicle dimension, we may use container vessel, or bulk vessel (the vehicle is lifted onto vessel by cranes), or RORO vessel (Roll on roll off vessel, the vehicle is driven on at loading port and driven off at discharge port, it is best way for a vehicle with engine. Semi-trailer without engine, can be loaded with a tractor from the port.) Usually it takes about 6 weeks to West Africa or South America. Shorter time to nearer countries.
To deliver to neighbor countries, which share borders with China, we can deliver the vehicles by driving to the borders and hand over to end users after declaring with customs. It takes around 3- 10days.
***** We hope you will enjoy your purchasing with us and future services. ******