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● On-site Training in Bangladesh in 2016

● Project:  A big company in Banglesh asked for oparetion training inside their factory afther purchasing 3 units of Fire Fighting Truck.

● See details: To Bangladesh - 3 units of fire fighting truck in July, 2016.

On-site Traning in Bangladesh - E

On-site Traning in Bangladesh for 3 units of Fire Truck

● On-site Training in Myanmar in 2016

● Project:  A famous truck manufacturer in Myanmar bought 8 units of garbage compactor truck bodies from SPV and paid for on-site training for one week to taught their workers how to assamble the bodies onto the chassis.

● See details: To Myanmar - 8 units of garbage compactor bodies in 2016

On-site training in Myanmar

● On-site Training in Mozambique in 2012

● Project:  For Program for Emergent Water Supply For Addressing Climate Change in the Republic of Mozambique
                  Crown Agents’ Reference: BJ/MZE01/11236/011-01

● See details: 14 units of special vehicles under Japanese Grant passed Crown Agents Inspection in 2011

On-site Traning in Mozambique