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***** For far away countries, we always use sea transport. According to vehicle dimension, we may use container vessel, or bulk vessel (the vehicle is lifted onto vessel by cranes), or RORO vessel (Roll on roll off vessel, the vehicle is driven on at loading port and driven off at discharge port, it is best way for a vehicle with engine. Semi-trailer without engine, can be loaded with a tractor from the port.) Usually it takes about 6 weeks to West Africa or South America. Shorter time to nearer countries.

1) Loading into Standard Container

To Saint Kitts and Nevis - Water Truck Loading

2) Loading into Frame Container

3) Loading into RORO Vessel

4) Loading into Bulk Vessel
***** To deliver to neighbor countries, which share borders with China, we can deliver the vehicles by driving to the borders and hand over to end users after declaring with customs.