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● From Saint Kitts and Nevis client, who has
1 units of fuel truck and bus.
            From Malawi Client, who has purchased  6 units of IVECO Trucks(water truck and dump
 from SPV

Comments from  Saint Kitts and Nevis and Malawi Client

● From Malawi client, who has purchased 6 units of special vehicles IVECO - 2 units
  of water sprinkling truck(20,000 litres) and 4 units of dump trucks(19 CBM). 
  IVECO trucks are right hand driven type with IVECO CURSOR engine.
                             From Ethiopia Client,who has purchased 4 units of our Liquid Waste Disposal Trucks, due to extrodinary performance, which triggered a hot purchase from people surrounding, reaching 20+ units. Now, we are very intimate friend besides business partner.

Comments from Malawi and Ethiopia Customers

● From Ghana Client, who purchased fuel tank truck ISUZU (4,000 liters) 

Comments from Ghana Customer

● From Ethiopian Client A, who purchased                ● From Ethiopian Client B, who highly praised SPV director Irene and concerned her
    Liquid Waste Disposal Truck FOTON.                           safety after hearing bad news happened in China.

Comments from Ethiopia Clients

● From Mongolia client, who purchased Special Trucks ISUZU(Water Tankers, Vacuum                ● From Sudan client, who highly appreciated
   Trucks, Garbage Compactors)                                                                                                                 Irene's personality.

Comments from Mongonia and Sudan Clients

● From UAE Client, who purchased aerial                 ● From Pakistan client, who purchased truck mounted crane(5 tons).
platform truck ISUZU(18 m).                    
Comments from  UAE and Pakistan Clients